W^4 (World Wide Web World)

by Chris Cochems (ChrisTuna)

For those of you who don't know me, click on the word ChrisTuna at the bottom of any newsletter page to visit my homepage and learn more about me than I know myself. When I am not reviewing Web sites, I work as System Admin for my ISP, and do HTML authoring. This column is devoted to WWW sites that I find interesting or useful.

Point of Life


Michael Levy is a motivational writer and speaker, and has contributed a poem to our contest. Here on his Web home, he has collected many of his poems and essays, and presents his unique upbeat approach to life. If you don't feel better after visiting his site, it is certainly not his fault.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum


I am a sucker for museums, both virtual and real, and a Sherlock Holmes fan. This is the official Sherlock holmes museum, and gives us a virtual tour of the museum, a newspaper, and allows us to shop for gifts in the museum store. Be sure and take the tour -- it is concise, but full of interesting information. Warning: This site is written in English, not American, so you may have a slight language barrier.

123 Free Solitaire


If you are like me, playing solitaire on the computer is just as much fun and far less work than using a real deck of cards. The free program at the site contains Diplomat, Easthaven, Four Seasons, Fourteen Out, FreeCell, Golf, Klondike, Precedence and Pyramid. The game does nag you to purchase their complete set of 240 games, and based on the quality of the free ones, I may do just that. The entire suite of games is available from one window, the card faces are customizable, obvious moves (like cast off) are automatic and there are pleasant sound effects.

Hall of Illusions


This is not the only Web site dedicated to optical illusions, but it is probably the best, both in the number of illusions, and the explainations. They go into depth on the pysiology and psychology of optical illusions, explaining all the well-known ones, and some that I have never seen anyywhere else ... Ooops, sorry, I got carried away playing with one of the illusions. This is one of the truely great toy pages online.

Past Winners

The Tuna's Fresh Catch of the Month for this month is:

Back to the 50's


125 of your favorite songs from the 50's playing in Real Audio on your computer. As I am typing, I am listening to Unchained Melody, looking a a very nice background image, and begining to change my mind about Real Audio. Selections are divided into different juke boxes based on topic. I just switched to car tunes (pun intended) and found Seven Little Girls -- not a common song at all, but brings back fond memories. ooops, I just found Beep Beep -- you get the idea, I am going to listen to some music.

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