NETty has always been the natural kind of helper that people are drawn to for her common sense & no nonsense approach to life, love, and the pursuit of IRC. She will always do her best to give you her suggestions. No subject is too tough... feel free to ask her anything. ALTERNETty, her alter ego... well watch out for her! She is bound to make some good natured, though sometimes irreverent, comments.

NETty is one of the 40's people (in fact it was her idea to have this column) but has chosen to keep her identity a secret. Guess she just wants to avoid having to give free advice at IRC parties like doctors. <Grin>

HOT FLASH -- No, not menopause -- NETty has gone high tech. Just tack a note to the corkboard, and NETty (or ALTERNETty) will answer below. Amateur NETtys are welcome to answer as well. This is just like IRC, but with call waiting and lots of lag.

To tack a question on the corkboard, just fill out the form below and click the thumb tack. To respond to an existing entry, click the the reply button under the entry you wish to respond to and fill out the form, then click the thumb tack. Click fresh for a new sheet of paper.

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