Things I learned this month:

  • The lowliest telco employee has more power and less accountability than Bill Gates.
  • A T1 connection to the Internet does not improve your typing.
  • DSL is not nearly as attractive when it is over-subscribed and 1/5 the speed of a modem.
  • Red tape knows no bounderies.

Now, the story. My DSL connection slowed to 1/5 the speed of my modem during the day, and stayed that way for two weeks. The problem was that the upstream provider had "over-subscribed" a major link. This is jargon for "lets sell the same stuff to lots of people, and let them fight over it." Because I work on the Internet and need a reliable and fast connection, I decided to upgrade to a T1. After two months of waiting for what should have been a two week delay to install my end, I began contacting everyone at the upstream provider on a daily basis to try and get things moving. The local telco finally came out and installed my end of the loop on a Thursday. It wasn't until they left that I discovered they had broken my phone line in the process.

When I called repair, they admitted it didn't work, and offered to schedule a service call for the next day. When I expressed some displeasure at being without telephone service for a full day due to their mistake, I was told that she had generously given me a very fast appointment, and that the usual wait time was 5 business days. Friday came and went, and still no sign of the repair technician. Called back Saturday from another phone, and was told that there was no entry in the computer for me. They generously offered to schedule an appointment for Sunday. About mid-day Sunday, I called to check status, and was told that someone had changed my appointment on the computer that morning to Tuesday. They re-scheduled me for early Monday, and the repairman arrived before someone could cancel the order again.

This left the other end of my T1 to worry about. Scheduling someone to finish the install at the NOC requires the combined effort of dozens of people in two states and several cities. After talking to most of them, they assigned my case to someone who was on vacation for two weeks. Finally, due to the intervention of one of the few good telco employees (who was not even responsible for my area), the installation was completed.

I fought the Bells, and the Bells one. What ever happened to the notion that service industries should provide a service, and that customers should be valued? I can tell you that assertively requesting service is a sure way to be ignored. Perhaps Lilly Tomlin on Laugh-In (one ringie-dingie) was a true prophet.


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