This is the page where you will find information about IRC and the channels that are geared towards the "40-ish" crowd..

Channel Facts for all the 40's Channels

Homepages for the various channels on the various nets can be found by clicking on the links in the following table. Note: these were current as of 2/1/96. No guarantees as to whether they still are. We'd appreciate it if you'd let us know if you find a link that doesn't work, or find one that needs to be added to this table. Thanks!


Check out the new party page for PNW, for all you Pacific NorthWesterners.

Do you like Trivia? If so, you'll LOVE the trivia game they play every Friday night on It starts at 7 PM EST and goes till the last person on the west coast can't keep their eyes open any longer. The channel to look for is #42trivia and the generic server is

Sounds like a lot of fun! They have had up to 27 people at a time so far... and the questions are all pre-typed on an alias database, so the action is fast-paced.

I hear from a regular (sushi) that there is free popcorn if you get there early, and TaDa says that they open a fresh keg of beer on the hour.

Useful IRC links

Sometimes there is a party that is planned at the spur of the moment that you want to get the word out about... this is a PARTY HOTLINE of sorts. After the gathering, this is the place to read about what happened, especially if you WANTED to go but for some reason, couldn't make it. Party announcements and reports are now accepted through E-Mail, and will usually be added within 24 hours of you sending the message. Most submissions will be held for the duration of the next month before deletion. However, any party announcements that have expired by the 20th will be removed immediately on that date. Unfortunately, people who use the ASCII version will not see those announcements unless they were made before the previous 20th. So try to make these announcements before the 20th if possible.

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